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Apache Pest Control
TPCL 12793

      We also conduct a Pest Control Service by the name of Apache Pest Control.  It is a family owned business since 1959.  We have been serving Kirbyville and the surrounding areas since that time.  We work with an honest word and a firm hand shake.  We believe that honesty is the only way to do business and that is the way it will always be done by us.

     We perform both residential and commercial termite and pest control inspections and treatments. We also perform pretreatments of the soil before the concrete is poured for a structure. 

     We offer a ten(10) year guarantee on Termite Treatments as long as the inspections are kept up. 

     You can contact us by email at or by calling or texting us at 409-423-3225.

     Below are some pictures of termites in different stages.

Termites in the wood.

Different stages of TermiteTermite alates.  These are the swarms which you see in the spring of the year.Termite Shelter Tube
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